FAQ for Unsuccessful Applications

What is the status of my application?

All applicants will be informed of the final decision on their applications in February 2022. Please check your email, including spam or junk mail folders, or log into SMApply for information on the final decision on your application at this time.

How were applications assessed?

Applications were assessed by an Independent Committee of Grant Reviewers from the Western Region, Atlantic Region, and Ontario. Grant reviewers used a matrix informed by the assessment criteria to score all eligible applications, and focused on organizational mandate, social impact, organizational capacity, innovation, sustainability, and budget. Project scope was also taken into consideration. Applications were shortlisted based on these scores.

Why was my application unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications that we received, we are unable to speak about individual applications. However, some of the comments we heard back from our grant reviewers about applications that were not shortlisted include lack of clarity around the proposed project, ineligible expenses, projects not being aligned with this specific fund (e.g., capital-related as opposed to capacity building). We also received a large number of applications and, with a limited amount of money to distribute, the grant reviewers selected applications that most closely matched the priorities of the fund to the extent of available funding.

I would like my application to be reassessed.

Reassessments and resubmissions are not permitted at this time.

I would like more detailed information regarding the assessment of my application.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications that we receive, we are unable to speak about individual applications. However, we encourage all unsuccessful applicants to go through all SBCCI-related resources available on our website to ensure that they adhere strictly to the guidelines provided.

Where can I access support with grant writing?

Access for support can be found by visiting our resource page where you will find information sessions on this fund, that also include information on the application process, required information and documents.

Will I have another opportunity to apply for similar funding under the SBCCI?

No, not this time. However, offers of funding to successful applicants will occur on a rolling basis.