Applications open October 13, 2021, and close November 21, 2021.

When you are ready to apply:

1. Registration

Register through the online application portal.

2. Eligibility

Complete the eligibility form and upload your supporting documents.

3. Application

Complete the project application form and upload the budget and any supporting documentation you wish to share.


Eligible Applicants

Organizations that meet ALL the following criteria are eligible to apply for funding from the SBCCI program:

  • Legal entity in Canada
  • Registered as a non-profit or a charitable organization (as defined under Key Terms at the end of this document)
  • Black-led organization with a mandate to serve Black Canadian communities
  • Black-led organization are those that meet the following criteria:
    1. The leadership positions (directors, founders) are primarily occupied by people who self-identify as Black (minimum 2/3)
    2. The governance structure (volunteer committee, advisory board, leadership, etc.) is primarily composed of people who self-identify as Black (minimum 2/3) and
    3. The mandate serves Black Canadian Communities
  • Requires a minimum grant of $10,000
  • Does not require funding for any of the ineligible activities listed below
  • Applicants must meet all requirements to be eligible
  • Not doing so will result in the application being rejected

Required Eligibility Documents

Any of the following documentation will be required as part of the application process, to validate organization eligibility:

  1. Governance documents, such as:
    • Incorporation documentation
    • Trust deed, if a trust
    • Business Number issued by CRA
    • Constitution or similar document, in an unincorporated association
    • Quebec Enterprise Number
  2. Most recent financial statements of the organization, no earlier than December 2020 (statement could be audited, review engagement, Notice to Reader or internally prepared statements)
  3. Tax Filings for the last year (2020 tax year) T2 return, T2 Short Form (if incorporated) or any other tax return filings as applicable
  4. Website of the organization, social media pages or accounts (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), if any, where the mission/vision and services of the organization are listed. If this is not available online, a one-page document listing this information

Timelines for Granting

All activities that occur before the signing of contracts and after the end of the project are deemed ineligible. Please be mindful that all activities must be completed, and all expenditures made within the stated timeframe.


The deadline to apply for the funding is November 21, 2021. Applications submitted after the deadline cannot be considered unless general extension is provided.