Who We Are

The Intermediaries

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Tropicana Community Services (Tropicana) was founded in 1980 as a non-profit community organization, with a mission to serve disadvantaged youth and their families, particularly those from the Caribbean. Since then, the organization has grown into a multi–service delivery agency with programs designed to address issues affecting all youth, newcomers, members of the Caribbean and Black communities and others in need. For more information, visit: www.tropicanacommunity.org

BBI Logo

The Black Business Initiative (BBI) is a Province-wide business development initiative committed to fostering the growth of businesses owned by members of the Nova Scotia Black Community. The BBI places priority on educating Black business owners in the operation of their business—from marketing, to budgeting, to securing funding, and beyond. The BBI is committed to growing the Black presence in a diverse range of business sectors, including high-tech, manufacturing, tourism, and the cultural sector. For more information, visit: www.bbi.ca

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Groupe 3737 is the largest and most successful technology incubator/accelerator in the North East of Montréal with more than 30 incubated companies and innovative start-ups. We focus on innovation and continuous education and development. Since inception—we have created more than 150 high-value jobs in one of the poorest boroughs in Canada. For more information, visit: www.groupe3737.com

Grant Review Committee

The Grant Review Committee will consist of a group of individuals selected from applicants from all regions of Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec).

See Grant Review Committee if you wish to be consisted for the role of committee member.